The Sodality of the Most Holy Rosary

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The icon of the Sodality holds great meaning.  The crown base, a replica of a 7th. century Celtic monarch, symbolizes the origin of the Anglican Catholic Faith.  The shield ornaments are examples of 12th. century English ornamentation; an honorable ordinary "bend" of blue (azure) symbolizing loyalty/splendor on a field of silver (argent) symbolizing serenity/nobility with a gold (or) symbolizing generosity/valor Celtic Christian cross in the upper chamber and a red (Gules) symbolizing courage English lion rampart in the lower chamber.  On the ordinary are 5 roses (argent) signifying the five decades of the tri-partite modern rosary and atop the golden crown are 15 gold (or) stars signifying the 15 mysteries (meditations) of the rosary.  The Latin phrasing; "It pleases God to be vigilant and pray with forces united."  Let us pray together and praise His name!